SCHILLER INSTITUTE Partial List of Pedagogical Articles on

On the Schiller Institute  pedagogical page you will find a partial listing of some pedagogical exercises, designed to help break through the handicap of “sense-certainty”, the unfortunate perspective from which most people view the world these days. If you would like more information on the classes and discussions in your area about this, please call, or email us at the address below.

You will find related material if you read the original translations of the works of great thinkers. Please check the full listing of FIDELIO articles, for articles on many other topics not listed below.

Click or scroll down to Schiller Institute translations of the poems, Archimedes and the Student. and Human Knowledge by Friedrich Schiller. Below that you will find a short excerpt from Lyndon LaRouche on the relationship between Music and Science.

Find all this by following this link: Schiller Institute