Confucius Analects

Confucius on Learning

Confucius: The Doctrine of the Mean

Carey, Henry- Harmony of Interests (1859)

Carey, Henry- Lecture on Money (1860)

Carey, Henry- Financial Crises (1864)

Carey, Henry- On the Public Debt (1866)

Carey, Henry: On the Reconstruction (1867)

Carey, Matthew- Appeal to the Wealthy (1833)

Hamilton, Alexander- Report on Manufactures (1791)

Hamilton, Alexander- Report on a National Bank (1791)

Hamilton, Alexander- Report on Public Credit (1791)

Hamilton, Alexander- Works

Vattel, Emmerich de- The Law of Nations (1758)

Franklin, Benjamin- On the Necessity of a Paper Currency (1729)

Logan, James- On the Duties of Man

Mather, Cotton- Essays to do Good (1710)

Leibniz, Gottfried – Specimen Dynamicum (1695)

Leibniz, Gottfried- Discourse on Metaphysics (1686)

Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence (1716)

Mendeleyev, Dimitri- Principles of Chemistry vol.1 (3rd edition, 1905)

Riemann, Bernard- Habilitation Dissertation (1854)

Bernard Riemann, On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundation of Geometry (1854)

Riemann, Bernard- Philosophical Fragments

Riemann, Bernard- Letters

Schiller, Friedrich- Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man (1794)

Schiller, Friedrich – Lettres Esthétiques (1795)

Schiller, Friedrich- On the Sublime

Schiller, Friedrich- History of the 30 Years War

Schiller, Friedrich- Lecture on Universal History (1789)

Schiller, Friedrich- The Mission of Moses (1790)

Schiller, Friedrich- Wilhelm Tell

Schiller, Friedrich- Revolt of the Netherlands

Schiller, Friedrich- The Maid of Orleans

Schiller, Friedrich- The Robbers

Schiller, Friedrich- Wallenstein Trilogy

Planck, Max- Philosophy of Physics (1935)

St. Augustine- City of God

St. Augustine- De Musica

St. Augustine- Confessions

Beethoven, Ludwig van- Fragments On Creativity

Huygens, Christian- Treatise on Light (1691)

Philo of Alexandria – On Creation

Keller, Helen – On Optimism