The Narrow Path


Originally formed in the context of the Year 2000 Presidential Election, the LaRouche Youth Movement has worked for nearly a decade on developing an understanding of the method of thinking employed by LaRouche in his economic forecasts and political activity. Returning to the primary sources of original geniuses, and in particular to the geometry and astronomy of ancient Greece, the LYM’s continued work prompted LaRouche to offer guidance: he offered the Narrow Path, a trunk-line of the most important discoveries in physical science, required to develop a competent method for approaching other scientific problems and economic research. This narrow path, leading from the ancient Greeks (the Pythagoreans and Plato), through Johannes Kepler, Pierre de Fermat, G. W. Leibniz, Karl Gauss, to Bernhard Riemann, was designed to provide an insight into human creativity per se, rather than the mathematical reformulations found in textbooks and on internet encyclopedias. In an effort to spread these ideas broadly both among the political associates of LaRouche and society generally, a variety of pedagogical devices were created, including web-guides, books, magazines, and video presentations and guides. We present here what we hope will be an intriguing and helpful view into the train of human thought. As you work through the material presented here, feel free to email the basement with any questions you may have. Enjoy!

Johannes Kepler

keplerKepler, the first modern physical scientist, created the science of astrophysics. He freed science from the geometric-mathematical approach inherited from Aristotle and Ptolemy, and demonstrated that by incorporating the ironies between the harmonies of vision and hearing, the solar system, as a system, could be understood as governed by a universal principle of gravitation. The LYM presentations on the two major works of Kepler, his