About the LYM

The LaRouche Youth Movement was started around the year 2000 when the economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche was running a presidential campaign in the United States.  The participation of a certain group of young bright students in campaigning for the LaRouche’s Candidacy led to the formation of the most creative political force in the world today.

The activities of the LYM in the United States created an echo worldwide in the springing up of several similar movements throughout the world and their adoption of the same curriculum and emphasis on universal principles acting as the only true and just authority in the Universe.

It is within this Dynamic of Change that the Committee for the Republic of Canada extended itself to support the development of the LaRouche Youth Movement in Canada.

The Movement studies Science, Art and Physical-Economics to better intervene politically in our Nation with the intention and assumption that we can change the current dynamic presently destroying civilization as we speak.  That is the job of every patriot, to take responsibility for all of mankind.  With this in mind, it becomes absolutely necessary to eliminate the biggest threat to the survival of our civilization, namely the British Monetary System of Finance based on the tyrannical control over money.  A creative system of National Credit rooted in the historical tradition that led to the adoption by the United States of America of it’s unique Constitution is needed to free mankind from the principle of Empire.

Our Mission

The LYM in Canada has a mission which is subsumed by the necessity for all of mankind to free itself from the tyranny of Empires.  As this economic system is now dead, we have a unique opportunity to win people over to LaRouche’s Solution.

Only LaRouche’s solution aims high enough to give humanity a fighting chance at a decent future.  We can’t be allowed to compromise when the opportunity to eliminate the British Empire is now, in a very real way, within reach as it has never been before.

You want to live in a dark age?  We don’t think you do, but that’s exactly what’s in store for all of us, already, if we were to shy away from the necessary swiftness and boldness that is absolutely necessary today, now, to intervene with the castration of the fake debts out there with the “Glass Steagall” criteria which determines a legitimate debt from a  piece of worthless gambling paper.  If we can have the guts to do just that, then, a new start, a new credit system as defined by LaRouche in sundry locations, will enable the whole world to rebuild and ameliorate the physical conditions of life for everyone.

We are going to Mars!  That’s the idea that can unite Mankind.  With this idea in mind ask yourself what is needed to have humans living there in the next 75 years?  That idea can and must serve to unite all of mankind to recognize our common aims now and into the future.

Join Us

Don’t let us have all the fun!

You are encouraged to see yourself as a unique sovereign personality with the potential to intervene and help us change the world.  We are recruiting the population to fight for the future of Mankind.

So what can you do?

Well, you can start by reading up or watching some of the product available on the website so that you may understand the quality of the fight we are waging to the British Empire.

Start organizing your friends and family, come to a class, get educated.

Get your subscription today so that you may have a regular stream of some of the best intelligence available.

Join us, or at least, support us by making a contribution.